Friday, June 25, 2010

Late Nights= New Found Opportunities!

Check this Out!

So as I sit here and peruse through the Internet, researching and gathering ideas from literacy sites, I have stumbled upon an amazing opportunity for everyone to get involved in. As I mentioned in my last Blog, I support the Reach out and Read organization and have been able to spend time working for its great goal of providing children an escape from the hospital environment and providing them free books. Reach out and Read began a book initiative on June 20, the first day of summer, called the Summer of a Million Books. It's goal is to raise and distribute One Million books to children in Pediatric Hospitals across the country. Please go to this website and see if you can spare $5.00 for children's literacy. I'm going to forgo my two "cheats" of ice cream this week so that I can do this! It's a sacrifice. :)

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  1. Thank you Megan from all the doctors, nurses, and volunteers who participate in Reach Out and Read, and the millions of children and families we serve!