Monday, October 25, 2010

Some SPOOKY Good Books!

Halloween is quickly approaching, and in light of that fact, I decided that this week's books should be some fun costume ideas! From Presidents to doggies, no matter how you dress up, don't forget to read this week, in between bites of candy of course! :)

Madam President
by: Lane Smith
Summary: A confident girl walks readers through a typical day at home and at school (Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary) as she fantasizes about herself as president. Her first executive order is for waffles. She then negotiates a treaty between a cat and dog and appoints a toy cabinet; Mr. Potato Head is a dapper Secretary of Agriculture. In decisive fonts, the Head of State vetoes tuna casserole and other schoolhouse aberrations. She "leads by example" when it's time to straighten up her bedroom, but wisely delegates an ambassador's visit to the VP as weariness sets in.

Arthur's Halloween Costume
by: Lillian Hoban
Summary: Arthur the chimpanzee, after worrying that his Halloween costume won't be scary enough, wins a prize for the most original costume in the school.

Happy Halloween Biscuit!
by: Alyssa Capucilli
Summary: Wooof! Wooof!
Biscuit and the little girl are going trick-or-treating on his first Halloween. What kinds of silly surprises are in store for them?
Pull back the flaps to find out.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Better Late than Never

The past two weeks have easily been the busiest weeks of my semester so far, hence the lack of blog posts. With multiple tests, papers, and a presentation or two added with daily workouts/dance practices, performances, and football games...I'm pooped! But now it's time to relax and read a good book or two! I'm currently reading "There's Something about St. Tropez" but I don't think it would work for a childrens' book of the week, so here are some great books I found to suggest to you all.

Paula Deen's My First Cookbook
by: Paula Deen
 While this isn't a sit down and read book, I LOVE Paula Deen and her cooking. Cooking is a great way to encourage a bond between you and your children. The ultimate read-along, with tasty results!
Summary: What better way to celebrate childhood than with pancakes around the kitchen table? Or how about a quick snack of Ants on a Log? Paula even shares her tricks for whipping up the perfect breakfast in bed for Mom on Mother's Day or a fancy dinner for Dad on Father's Day. Paula Deen's My First Cookbook is like a big hug from the queen of Southern hospitality and charm herself. So get in the kitchen with your favorite little ones today and start making those memories!

Aunt Claire's Yellow Beehive Hair
by: Deborah Blumenthal

Summary: Warmth, humour and fond remembrance waft through this beautifully worded and evocatively illustrated exploration of a young girl’s family tree — and the traits, trinkets and togetherness that sustain it.

Learning about your family and each person's individual traits can be fun and funny. Take time after reading this to discuss your own family members and their quirky traits!

Someday When My Cat Can Talk
by: Caroline Trazo
Summary: A young girl imagines the secret adventures of her tight-lipped kitty companion, including stowing away on an ocean liner, bound for the cultural delights of Europe. No ordinary tourist, the felicitous feline dines on mouse at Buckingham Palace, models on the catwalks of Paris, and hobnobs backstage at Vienna’s grand Opera House before returning home to the Nantucket shore. Offering a story that will inspire wanderlust in the littlest travelers, Lazo provides a charming rhyming text, but readers might want to make a preliminary run-through as some of the chosen pronunciations of French locales can cause stumbles.  Grades K-2.

I hope you all enjoy your week!