Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Here's a HOT Book of the Week!

by:Rick Thomas
   These past two weeks the heat index has been extremely high, and children may want to know why it gets this hot in the summer months. Rick Thomas has written a great book describing what happens in the heat.

About the book: Wow, it's hot! No rain in sight, and the temperatures are soaring. Find out what happens in the city and in the country when a heat wave hits.

So, how about some sun safety activities to go along with our book? Here are some great printouts that include coloring sheets, crossword puzzles, and more for a day inside, out of that HEAT!

More things to think about in conjuction with this book:
1. Have a conversation about things you can do to cool your body down, ask your child to think about reasons why those tactics work. (This works with inference abilities.)
2. Make a chart of the temperature throughout the day, or week. Have your child guess what the next day's temperature could be.
3. Explore the other weather changes that happen in the summer, check out more books on these changes!

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