Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Despicable" Book of the Week! July 13

I went with my Mom last night to see the movie Despicable Me, and have fallen in love! In the movie Gru shares his home with 3 orphans, and through a bedtime story, shares his heart. This movie is a wonderful example of how reading with our children can be both a learning experience and a bonding time. Most small children's books only take about five minutes to read, and what better time to bond than right before bedtime?
So in honor of the movie's book, Three Little Kittens, I found a children's book that is also called Three Little Kittens! Check it out!

Summary: Preschool-Grade 1. Galdone lends new life and sense to the verse in this exuberant retelling of the Mother Goose rhyme with four delightful feline characters. The large type is readable and inviting, with only one or two lines of text per page. Double-page spreads are filled with vibrant watercolor washes over ink sketches. While the expressions of the cats will be the focus of children's attention, there are countless details for them to discover for themselves, such as the animal-influenced decor of the cats' home, the spice cabinet filled with different varieties of catnip, and cat ancestor portraits. Children will relate to the kittens' deserved punishment for carelessness, their theatrical displays of sorrow, and their earnest efforts to get into both their mother's good graces and that delicious looking pie. This refreshingly hearty version of the nonsense verse will be as much a favorite of adult storytellers as it will be of toddler listeners.

Activities for this book: Have a special night before bed, reading the book and bonding.

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