Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hey! Take this Fun Quiz!

Look at This Opportunity for Alabama!

Hey everyone, help Alabama receive free books, all you have to is take this fun quiz about children's books! Alabama is currently in 18th place, and the top 5 most voted for states will receive its share of 100,000 books courtesy of Cheerios and First Book. I'll also put this link on my literacy blog. Lets get these ...books to Bama!

Go to this website, read the books, and have fun answering the quiz questions. You can also use your child's INFERENCE knowledge to answer the questions without having read the book. Example: The character of Amelia Bedelia is a literal person. If you tell Amelia "to turn the TV up just a hair" she will do just that, turn the TV up....with her hair! That Amelia Bedelia....

Here's the site!

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