Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Football Season!

This Saturday is day one of TROY football season, and I must confess...I am READY! I love the gameday experience, from the tailgating to the great music coming from the Sound of the South. This year I will be right in the middle of the action as a TROY dance team member. So look for me right by the goal post! In relation to this week's book, it's all about Football, baby!

T is for Touchdown
by: Brad Herzog
Synopsis: This is much more than an alphabet book for beginning readers. It is a picture book with large, richly colored, realistic oil paintings, and many facts about football, including some history, rules, well-known players, and famous moments. Each pair of upper- and lower-case letters is represented by one or more terms or people ("N," for instance, is for Notre Dame, the NFL, and Nicknames) and a four-line rhyming verse. "No college team has ever had/as much success and fame/as football's famous fighting N - /noble Notre Dame."

What is really cool about this book is that it is part of a sports series, so you can collect them all! Ages 4-8.

Family Huddle
By: Peyton Manning
Synopsis: Huddle up with the most famous family in football—the Mannings! Peyton and Eli Manning are now NFL superstars, but they are still kids in Family Huddle. Follow along as Eli and Peyton pile into the car with older brother Cooper for a trip to visit their grandparents. Their dad, former NFL star Archie Manning, is at the wheel, with mom Olivia at his side. The boys joke around and play football at every opportunity, running fun plays like the buttonhook, the quarterback sneak, and the hook and ladder.Family and football have always been a big deal in the Manning family. Family Huddle is based on some of the Mannings’ memories from their days in Louisiana and Mississippi. Ages 4-8.

The Dog that Stole Football Plays
By: Matt Christopher
Synopsis: Mike's football team is really put to the test when Harry, his telepathic dog, has to stay home. Can the team win without Harry's supernatural advice? Ages 9-12.

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