Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to School!

School is back in session, and I thought now would be the perfect time to read some great children's books about this time of the year. For some it is a fun experience and exciting, but for other boys and girls, it can be intimidating. Take this time to read these great books to your children and help them prepare for school.

I Am Too Absolutely Small for School
by: Lauren Child
Summary: Is your little one apprehensive about going to preschool or kindergarten? Introduce her to Lola, the star of this picture book by Lauren Child. Lola is sure she is "too absolutely small for school," but her older brother Charlie patiently convinces her otherwise by presenting a series of imaginative and funny reasons she needs to go to school. Not only is the story fun, but Child's mixed media illustrations are a delight, vibrant and highly entertaining.

First Day Jitters
by: Julie Danneberg
Summary:This is an excellent book for the child who is worried about changing schools. The author is Julie Danneberg and the colorful and comic illustrations in ink and watercolor are by Judy Love. It’s the first day of school and Sarah Jane Hartwell does not want to go. She will be going to a new school and she is scared. This is a funny book, with a surprise ending that will cause the reader to laugh out loud and then go back and read the entire story again.

First Grade Stinks!
by: Mary Ann Rodman
This book is a special one I thought of for all of my favorite new First Graders, my cousins Sarah and Chrissy as well as Ms. Kendall Dailey! I hope you girls had a great first day as First Graders!
Summary: First Grade Stinks! is an entertaining picture book that can help to ease a child's transition from kindergarten to first grade. In her amusing picture book First Grade Stinks!, author Mary Ann Rodman tells the story of Haley and her first day in first grade. With unexpected sympathy and explanations from her first grade teacher about why so much is different from kindergarten, Haley stops thinking, "First grade stinks!" and begins to think, "First grade is great!"

Here are some fun activities to try:
1. Hold a back to school spa day with your girls, pampering is the perfect prep for a new school year!
2. For the boys, try a day outside preparing for every boy's favorite subject- P.E.! Play kickball or even dodgeball if you dare!
3. Go back to school shopping with a twist- Visit your local Dollar Store and create a back to school kit for an underprivileged child. Explain to your child how we can give back during this time.

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