Friday, August 6, 2010

Band Camp!

This week has been an incredibly busy one for me. I have been at Band Camp with Troy University's amazing Sound of the South marching band. I am fortunate enough to be a member of the band on the danceline, and have been loving it. Since I was new to marching, I had to learn how to do it correctly. In light of this, I thought it would be neat to give out a children's book of the week with the theme of marching bands!

A Marching Band for Bears
by: Eileen B. Benator
Summary: In "A Marching Band for Bears" Eileen Benator tells a colorful, fanciful tale that will interest children from their "picture book" phase until they are well into their reading years. The story, about a group of animals assembling a marching band, is simple but presented intelligently. This book is best for Baby-Preschool ages. Great book for beginner readers.

Froggy Plays in the Band
by: Jonathan London
Summary: Heck, Froggy doesn't just play in the band, he puts it together, and drills his pals for an upcoming marching band competition. At first they sound terrible, but they keep practicing and do pretty well the day of the contest, except for a mishap or two. Does Froggy do something embarrassing and turn red in the face? You betcha. But he also shows us the value of sticking with something difficult and surprising yourself at how much you can accomplish, if you just stick with it.

Here's some ideas for fun activities with your children:

1.  Go to the nearest College or High School and watch their band perform. (Come check me out with TROY'S Sound of the South!)
2. Perform around the house! March in a line to music and pretend you are holding instruments.
3. Enroll your child in music lessons or dance classes.


  1. Hey, I'm your first follower, do you remember me from Westwood? Tell your Mom and Dad I said hello! This will be a good site for me, when I take my grandkids to the library sometimes I'm overwhelmed by which book to chose, so I'll take your recommendation!
    Have a great day,
    Kathy Carroll

  2. Thank you Mrs. Kathy! I am so excited to have a follower! I hope you and your grandkids can find some fun books through this! :)