Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's Almost Here!

We are exactly one week away from check-in day for Miss Alabama. I want to apologize for not posting books last week, with Graduating from Troy, watching Hunter Pickle Graduate from high school, finishing my Miss Alabama scrapbook, and being on a strict dance-eat-workout-news-eat-job hunt-eat schedule, my literacy blog has been something I have missed. But here I am! To make up for it, I will not only be posting some books, I will give you some insight to how I have been preparing for Miss Alabama. 

First off, I have been devoting a lot of my time and efforts into creating a healthier lifestyle for myself. Eating more cleanly, working out daily, and finding what makes me happy has helped me feel strong, energized, and prepared to face the world. Bonus- It's a pop-up! Pop-ups make me happy!
Charlie and Lola's I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato
by: Lauren Child
Summary: Lola is a very fussy eater. Carrots are for rabbits and peas are "too small and too green." One day, after rattling off her long list of despised foods, she ends with the vehement pronouncement, "And I absolutely will never not ever eat a tomato." Not convinced, Lola's older sister Charlie has an idea. She tells Lola that the orange things on the table are not carrots, but "orange twiglets from Jupiter" and peas are in fact "green drops from Greenland." Mashed potatoes, when pitched as "cloud fluff from the pointiest peak of Mount Fuji" suddenly seem appealing to Lola. And in the end, might she even eat a tomato? Ages 4-8

I have also been watching a lot of news programs, because as a contestant in the Miss America Organization, it is my job to be well-versed on current events, and to have an opinion on them. I am going to offer a magazine instead of an actual book for my next selection, because I have found that this magazine is perfect for children. It presents current events in a way that they can understand, and truthfully, I've used it to understand Health Care! It helped!

Time for Kids
News Magazine
Summary: This magazine offers a variety of topics from political issues to the Royal wedding, all in a writing style that is best suited for specific grades. Here is one online article on ten Powerful Women that TFK offered in its March 11, 2011 issue.,27972,2057513,00.html

I am very excited about the Talent portion of the Miss Alabama pageant. I will be performing a jazz dance to "Cinema Italiano" and have been practicing my tail off. This dance really is a testament to the hard work I put into this process, because it is the single hardest dance I have ever performed. I enjoy every minute of that difficult 90 seconds though, let me tell you!

Ivy and Bean Doomed to Dance 

by: Sophie Blackall
Summary: Part of a series of books, this book makes me feel like I am back in ballet...wishing I could be on stage instead of practicing pliés. Ivy and Bean return to their mischievous ways as they beg their parents for ballet lessons. They get what they want, but class isn't exactly what they expected. Instead of the "kicking" and sword they saw in a picture of the ballet Giselle, they are disappointed to be learning positions, pliés, and how to be butterflies. When they are cast as squids in their first recital, they come up with several ideas for how to get out of performing without breaking their promise not to drop out of class.

By the way, my favorite ballet is The Firebird. When I was a little girl I was given a book full of famous ballets and of all of them, I loved The Firebird the most. The story was enchanting and the pictures of the beautiful dancer who portrayed to firebird made me want to be a dancer so badly. 

Lastly, as I prepare for Miss Alabama, I remember the most important thing- that being Miss Alabama is a privilege, an honor, and an opportunity. It is also just one way to succeed in life. So to prepare myself mentally, I have constantly reminded myself that I am the only person who decides my ultimate successes. Believe in yourself and you really can do anything. Here is a book I found that can offer your child some guidance, leading them to accept that who they are is great.

Too Perfect
by: Trudy Ludwick
Summary: Maisie works hard in school, but no matter how hard she tries, she only gets B’s and C’s.  Despite the fact that her mother constantly reassures her, “Maisie, you are perfect just the way you are,” Maisie really wishes that she could be like Kayla.  Kayla always gets straight A’s, she’s a star on the soccer team, and her hair is perfect and straight (unlike Maisie’s, which is red and frizzy).  However, when Maisie and Kayla have to work together as partners on a project, Maisie begins to realize that there are disadvantages to being “too perfect.” Ages 4-8

Hope to see you all at my send off party on Thursday June 2nd, at Chelsea High School at 7pm.


  1. Meg - You've grown into an absolutely gorgeous young woman, inside and out!! Watching you grow from a 9-year-old child (when I first came into this family) until now has been a delight. You're right in that only YOU should decide your ultimate successes, but from my perspective, YOU have already attained more in life than most people ever do. You've found what makes you happy and you surround yourself with that every day. Your joy is evident to anyone around you. And you share your love for life freely. Good luck with the Miss Alabama pageant, though you really don't need luck!! You're already a winner in life!

    I love you,
    Aunt Rhonda

  2. I like your book reviews. Perhaps you'd be interested in reviewing my children's book, The Monster on Top of the Bed.