Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Behind Every Strong Woman is an Even Stronger One

Someone once said that behind every strong woman is a stronger one. I don't know if you would exactly call me a "strong woman" but I am definitely head-strong! :) One thing that is certain is that my Mom IS a strong woman. Tomorrow is her Birthday, and to celebrate I decided to dedicate this week's blog post to here. And, In order to keep my life, I won't disclose the number. 

When I was little, and Dad would go hunting on the weekends, I got to spend the nights with Mom. We would do our nails and watch movies, cook, and finally cuddle up in Mom and Dad's huge bed to sleep. Before bed I would always beg her to tell me stories about when she was a little girl. I still to this day remember begging her for "just one more story!" until I fell asleep, usually with her still talking. Her stories have stuck with me to this day, but more so her love has made me the woman I am today. Love you Mom!! Happy Birthday! 

Here are some great Mom books for you to read with your children, or even with your own Mom. 

This classic book has been read to me so many times I can almost recite it. Its message so poignant and true in every parent/child relationship, if you haven't read this book to your child, you should!

Love You Forever 

by: Robert N. Munsch
Summary: The mother sings to her sleeping baby: "I'll love you forever / I'll love you for always / As long as I'm living / My baby you'll be." She still sings the same song when her baby has turned into a fractious 2-year-old, a slovenly 9-year-old, and then a raucous teen. So far so ordinary--but this is one persistent lady. When her son grows up and leaves home, she takes to driving across town with a ladder on the car roof, climbing through her grown son's window, and rocking the sleeping man in the same way. Then, inevitably, the day comes when she's too old and sick to hold him, and the roles are at last reversed. Ages 4-8

Are You My Mother?

by:P.D. Eastman
Summary: A baby bird is hatched while his mother is away. Fallen from his nest, he sets out to look for her and asks everyone he meets -- including a dog, a cow, and a plane -- "Are you my mother?" In the end he is happily reunited with his maternal parent in a glorious moment of recognition.
Ages 0-8

Before I Was Your Mother 
by Kathryn Lask
Summary: To Katie, it seems as if her mother has always been her mother, with her grocery lists, her purse full of bills to pay, and her boring, sensible shoes. But when her mother reveals that she once was a girl who bossed her little brother, wore firefighter boots to bed, and dreamed grand ballerina dreams, Katie realizes that she and her mother might be alike after all. Ages 4-8

Happy Birthday Mom!

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