Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Give Thanks!

I have had something on my mind lately and I'm going to use this blog to express it. In a world where so much is taken for granted and MORE is never enough, I just feel the need to express how thankful I am for everything in my life. The journey up to this part of my time here on earth has been beautiful, and the older I get, the more I realize this. 
 Last Friday night I spent time at the Chelsea High School Round 1 Playoff game and set up a booth for donations to my platform, Literacy Matters. My wonderful director, Mrs. Pam as well as my precious rising star, Morgan and her Mom Mrs. Hayden sat with me out in the freezing cold for the first quarter and we were able to raise over $75. Now $75 may not seem like a world-changing amount, but let me tell you, when that money goes to the Better Basics organization allowing them to help students become better readers and writers, that will change our world.
So to all of those who gave Friday and to those willing to give in the future, THANK YOU!! You are world-changers. I am so thankful for you. To celebrate the theme of giving thanks, the next few weeks I will be posting things that I am thankful for with books related to them. I hope you enjoy!

The Giving Tree
by: Shel Silverstein
Summary: A little boy visits the same apple tree every day. On his visits he would play games, eat the apples and swing from the tree. As the boy grew older the boy left the tree alone. Until one day the boy finally visited the tree and asked the tree how he could make money. The tree told him to take the apples off the branches and sell them in the city. The boy continued to barely come visit, but when he did he always asked for something in return, until one day the tree had nothing to give.
This book taught me so much about the power of giving, I remember reading it again and again!

I even Found this video, for those who can't get the book. But I highly suggest the book. :)

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