Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas time- Party time!

With Christmas time producing many holiday parties, it makes for a perfect opportunity to talk about one of my recent adventures. As many of those who know me understand, I get some of my love for reading and writing from my grandmother, who I call Nanie. Maybe some is an understatement. I grew up with Nanie reading books to my brother and me in silly voices, costumes, and engaging us in the books as she read. She would write books about our lives, some of the most famous being the Binky the Worm books I always loved. This is my hope for all of you who read this blog. I hope that by receiving tips on great books to read with your children that you can engage them while reading with them. My parents read to me nightly along with my Nanie, and with all of that interaction while reading, I was absolutely hooked. 
Anyways, back to parties!

I recently went with my Nanie to Barrett Elementary in Birmingham to do a special presentation on the fabulous book Junie B. Jones is a Party Animal. Nanie dressed as Junie B. and acted out the whole book from memory, and afterwards I had the opportunity to talk to the 300 (!!) students about the fun of reading. The boys and girls ate it up! They especially loved the interaction when "Junie B." would ask them to join her in certain events. So this is the book choice of the week.

Junie B. Jones is a Party Animal
by: Barbara Park
Summary: Kindergarten-Grade 2. In this early chapter book, Junie, a boisterous, effervescent kindergartner, and her friend Grace invite themselves over to the home of Lucille's wealthy grandmother, with whom the girl and her family live. They agree to help Lucille beg her "richie nanna" for a poodle. Once there, the girls find that everything in the house is exquisite and untouchable. Lucille's bedspread is silk and her huge stuffed animals cost a fortune. Junie accidentally drops a crystal glass, which shatters into pieces. Her hot dog slides off her fork onto a white Irish linen table cloth. The friends have a good time but Junie is glad to go home to her own nanna's house where she can drink out of a plastic glass and not have to worry about breaking anything. Appealing black-and-white line-and-wash drawings extend the humorous situations.

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